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May 17, 2012 9 comments


It is my first ever attempt to write a blog (and also to launch a web-site).

We like to believe as an intelligent species that ‘we need reasons’ to do everything (or anything at all!). But I’m still looking for my intensions of doing this all. Yes, I may not be that smart to find out reasons for everything I do, but at the same time I’m not a great believer in the theory of ‘we need reasons’ either. I hope to be better and better in what I can’t help doing again and again!

In a way, this journey would be a ‘Becoming…

If you love watching a child crawl, tumble, cry, try and fall again and again then here is your game! You will (if you keep coming here!) see all this and more while I keep trying till I leave saying ‘I’d enough of blogging!’.

Well, the same show is also available (with more me!) on my website.

I wish to come-up with something impersonal twice a month preferably on first and third Sundays.

Let us see how often I’ve to make such promises!

Do show me fingers, indicators which may keep me going.

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