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Do we need reasons?

I presume most of us like to believe that we are reasonable, that we are not irrational, and that we are open-minded. Often, we tend to justify our doings and non-doings to ourselves and others even if not demanded. It is as if we feel a force to prove ‘righteousness’ of everything we do and don’t do.  Not only as an afterthought, this urge to reason out every act initiates and continues even before and during our everyday activity and for many of us it could occupy most of our time and attention.  

In this sense and context, the above question ‘Do we need reasons?’ is posed.Image

Is it that we have to be ‘reasonable’ because we are human beings?

Is ‘being reasonable’ same as ‘being responsible’?

Can we reason out everything that we do and don’t do?

Can a player every time reason out why he played so?

Are our reflexes reasonable? Can we justify our reflexes?

Are we answerable for the way we respond?

Is it that our response to an event is expected to be more reasonable than our reaction?

Is it possible to refine our response to such an extent that it is reasonable even if it is spontaneous?

Does reasoning slow us down? Can a batsman pose for a while to reason out how and why should he play the ball? Can reflexes be refined by practice?

Our thinking can change our response, can it change our reflex?

Can we justify our passion, our enthusiasm, our love?

Do we need reasons to continue doing what we enjoy most?

Can we justify why we enjoy doing something while others find the same thing an absolute nonsense?

Can we change our liking, our taste based absolutely on reasoning?

Do we need reasons to enjoy?


Why should I ponder on questions like these?

Can I suspend this ‘Why?’ for a while?

Is all our thinking centered on ‘Why’?

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