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Do we need reasons? (6)

September 5, 2012 Leave a comment

Feelings, we say, are beyond reasoning. What could possibly be the reason that we appreciate beauty – of a flower, stream of a river or anything else for that matter! We may also like to believe that this is something special to us, humans. Sense of beauty, inquiry for truth and love – are the qualities very much unique to humans.

But before making an outright conclusion, we may probe it a little more. Can we appreciate the beauty of a beast? Is it that the ‘beauty’ has to have a ‘no harm, no danger’ sign for us to feel secure, so that our sense of appreciation can blossom? What if the rose had a sedative odor? Will it come in our way to appreciate its beauty? Will we ‘feel good’ about it then?

A finding suggests that while choosing a partner, humans also depend on the odor of the opposite sex. The attraction based on odor normally leads to a better genetic pool for the off-springs. Male- female attraction to their genetically healthy partners is more of a biological intuition then a divine intervention. The feeling of ‘made for each other’ could probably be justified by such biological factors rather than ‘feelings beyond reasons’.

While the above two arguments are indicative and not enough to conclude otherwise, but its role here is to pose a question as to how should we decide which ‘feeling’ is indeed a feeling and not an outcome of accumulated evolutionary behavior with its roots in strategy for survival?

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